Youth empowerment and participation

Rural Forks empowers and engages young people in rural areas, offering them a unique opportunity for learning, active participation and personal development. Through training, research and immersive cycling routes, participants explore and connect with their communities, fostering a sense of belonging and involvement in the sustainable development of their territories

Boosting Sustainable Rural Development

The project highlights territorial sovereignty, sustainability, participation and entrepreneurship initiatives and projects to inspire and raise awareness of the possibilities of creating thriving and resilient rural communities.

Bike Tours as a Tool for Discovery

Rural Forks uses cycling routes as a means of exploration and discovery. Young people immerse themselves in rural landscapes, interacting with local communities, initiatives and stakeholders. Cycling promotes sustainable mobility, environmental awareness and a closer connection with the natural and cultural heritage of the territories.


Rural Forks creates opportunities for collaboration, networking and knowledge exchange between young people, local communities, decision-makers and organisations. By fostering dialogue and sharing the best initiatives, the project aims to strengthen partnerships, encourage innovative ideas and encourage a collective effort towards sustainable rural development.

Engage on a transformative journey with Rural Forks

Bike Tours

Ready to jump on board for an unforgettable adventure? Explore our exciting bike tours. Explore the routes, immerse yourself in the stories of local projects and share in the drive for sustainable rural development.

The Castilla y León Bike Tour will take place in the area of Las Merindades in the province of Burgos. It will be 12 days of exchange, dialogue and learning. There will be more than 200 km by bike to discover 13 local projects.

The Cinco Villas and Jacetania areas will host the Bike Tour of Aragon. It will be 12 days of exchange, dialogue and learning. There will be more than 250 km to discover 14 projects in this territory.

News & Travelogues

Follow us for the latest news about the project and through the travelogues we will write during the bike tours
Ruta de Aragón

Día 7. La Gran Hincada

29 de agosto. Uncastillo – Artieda Nos tocaba el día más duro de toda la ruta. Fueron 60 km de pedaleo, con 1000 m de

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raices ancestrales
Ruta de Aragón

Día 6. Cante y lluvia

28 de Agosto. Uncastillo – Sádaba – Uncastillo Este fue un día de doble visita y doble pedalada, pues fuimos de Uncastillo a Sádaba para

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our protagonists