Exploring, learning and creating a change together.

Rural Forks is a
life-changing journey.


Rural Forks is an innovative project that empowers rural youth to take the lead in transforming their communities. By actively involving young people in the project, it fosters their leadership skills, amplifies their voice, and cultivates their sense of belonging and their capacity to act.


Rural Forks is dedicated to discovering and showcasing exemplary initiatives, projects and activities in rural areas. Through our bike tours and first-hand experiences, we highlight innovative practices that contribute to sustainable rural development. By sharing these success stories, we inspire and encourage replication in other communities.


Rural Forks offers young people transformative experiences that foster personal growth and a deep connection to sustainable development. Our hands-on tours offer opportunities for exchange, environmental awareness and community engagement.


Rural Forks is a transformative initiative driven by the belief that rural areas have immense potential for sustainable development. We are committed to not only empowering young people but also fostering their active participation in their communities. We recognize the importance of engaging youth as key drivers of positive change and community development. Through Rural Forks, we aim to inspire young individuals to take an active role in shaping their communities, amplifying their voices, and contributing to the collective effort of revitalizing rural areas.


Our mission is to engage and connect young people in rural areas by providing them with opportunities for learning and active participation. Rural Forks aims to raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities in rural areas by highlighting and communicating exemplary initiatives and promoting sustainable development practices. By encouraging dialogue, cooperation and the exchange of ideas, we aim to foster vibrant and sustainable rural environments for future generations. 


We believe in the power of experiential learning and the transformative impact of exploring sovereignty, sustainability, participation and entrepreneurship initiatives first-hand. Through our bike tours, carefully designed by the project participants, we offer unique opportunities for young people to engage with local communities, visit innovative projects and learn about the diverse aspects of rural life. Combining physical activity, cultural immersion and meaningful interactions, we create an environment that fosters personal growth, encourages connections and inspires participants to become agents of change.


Connect and empower young people in rural areas and offer them a new way of learning, participation and collaboration;

Identify and give visibility to exemplary initiatives, projects and activities in the territories, highlighting good practices in sustainable rural development;

Promote awareness and action on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), eco-social challenges and climate change through experiential learning and direct communication;

Promote slow and sustainable mobility that enables environmental awareness and fosters links with the places visited;

Create spaces and channels for dialogue and debate between young people, stakeholders, policymakers and communities on the sustainable development of territories;

Promote the opportunities and initiatives available to young people at local, national and European levels;

Energise the social fabric of rural areas, promote cooperation between territories and facilitate the creation of networks and synergies.


How is it born?

Rural Forks is a youth participation activity co-funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ programme. The project aims to connect young people, empower them and offer them a new way of learning, participating and collaborating while promoting sustainable development in rural areas. We believe in the potential of rural communities and their ability to thrive through innovation, collaboration and a deep connection to their environment.
Rural Forks is a transformative journey. We explore, learn and create together.
Rural Forks comes from the collaboration of two non-profit associations: Brújula Intercultural (Castilla y León) and Biela y Tierra (Aragón).

Brújula Intercultural

Brújula Intercultural is a dynamic association dedicated to promoting mobility and learning opportunities for young people. It networks with individuals, organisations and collectives to foster collaboration and innovative projects. With a firm belief in equal access to opportunities, Brújula Intercultural empowers young people to address global challenges and drive positive change. Its commitment to young people as agents of transformation play a vital role in the Rural Forks project, enabling participants to explore sustainable rural development and have a meaningful impact on their communities.  

Biela y Tierra

Biela y Tierra is an association committed to the enhancement of the rural environment and the promotion of sustainable practices. It is actively involved in initiatives that promote knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the rural environment.